Matthew’s first day!

I was so elated after seeing the birth of our son and was so happy for my wife that she became a mother and I just wanted to cherish this moment and just hold it near to my heart. After speaking with my Dad I felt so happy and looked at life in a different way now that I became a dad too. I remember the nurse who gave my son his first cleansing and how nice she was to me and how she put my mind at ease knowing I was leaving him in good hands. She was very kind to tell me to go home to rest as I was up the entire night and was very tired. I knew my wife and son needed rest too. As I left the hospital I felt the chill in the air as the winter season was approaching and I was glad to be in the warm car heading home for some much needed rest. I had my cd in the car and I remember listening to Christmas music from Transiberian Orchestra which was so powerful and emotional. I remember getting into the music especially the tracks “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo” and “An angel came down” among many others and I was thinking of my wife and new born son as I’m listening to this really beautiful music. It was wonderful and I was just full of emotion remembering tears of joy streaming down my face. I knew my Christmas present was delivered early this year and it was truly a special day! My drive home did not take very long and it was nice listening to my music. As I arrived home I was greeted by my Dad who was so happy for us and told me to get some sleep. I decided to take a quick shower which was refreshing and then I placed a call to our son’s pediatrician to inform her of Matthew’s birth and arrange for her to visit him at the hospital. She was delighted and planned to be up on Wednesday. I watched a little television as I lay in bed to sleep for a while.
I remember thinking to my self what a special day today was and how I could not wait to get back to see my wife and son and see our family and friends at this most joyous time.
Finally I lay in bed feeling very tired and just so happy and I drifted off to sleep thinking of my wonderful family. I remember being so grateful and just dreaming of this truly special time in my life and looking forward to being with my family.

We are greeted by our son for first time!

Matthew was born on Tuesday, December 8th 1998 at 5:20 am after a long night for my wife and I. She weathered it perfectly and she was worn out after going the whole night. We were so delighted to see our precious son and hear him cry for the first time. I was awestruck when I saw him being delivered and hearing all the medical staff instructing my wife and then seeing him right before my very eyes being cradled and put into a blanket by one of the nurses. It was truly a miracle! In all my thoughts about this day I could never truly understand what it is like because I never lived it before. To see a little life born and knowing that little baby is yours and is completely dependent upon you is such a tremendous feeling of responsibility, love, excitement, nervousness, and hope! My wife and I were so incredibly blessed that day and we felt such joy and happiness and looked forward to sharing our good fortune with our family and friends. This day was forever frozen in time in my mind and will be my proudest moment! After Matthew was delivered and the nurse assigned to our son gave him to Maria to hold I knew now what family means. I drifted back to the days when I was a kid and I remembered vividly my mom and dad and how blessed we were, my 2 sisters and I to have such wonderful parents. I knew I learned a lot from them both and now I came back to this moment and realized how lucky I am to be a father and I knew my life would be forever changed in such a beautiful way. I was always looking forward to this day and now could appreciate all the wonderful things our parents did for us. It was time for Matthew to be washed by the nurse and for my wife to be given time to rest after her delivery. I was instructed to follow the nurse who was to give Matthew his first cleaning. She instructed me to watch from the plexiglass barrier as she showered his little tiny feet and washed his tiny legs, arms, hands and body. I was so amazed how beautiful and tiny he was and how the nurse cared for him so delicately and with such tenderness and love. The joy of a baby is so wonderful and so powerful. I was on cloud nine! After Matthew was bathed by the nurse she wrapped him and dressed him and placed his first diaper on. She gently placed him in a little baby bassinet and put a baby blanket on him. He had a tough day as well and needed a rest too! The nurse congratulated me and told me to go home for a few hours and rest as it was a long night and I could come back in the afternoon to see my wife and son. I thanked her and off I went. The first person I called to share the great news was my Dad who had always been there for me and was my role model and hero. I was so excited to share the news with him and asked him to call Kathy and Joannie, my 2 sisters. He was so happy to hear everything was ok and congratulated my wife and I and said he would be up to visit. I was tired but felt so euphoric and proud. I wanted this day to last forever! Our son Matthew was born today and it is our most happiest day!

Matthew’s born!

I was at my wife’s side and full of anticipation and a bundle of nerves as she’s wheeled into maternity at Mercy Hospital but managed to stay composed as I had the easy part! I always wondered what it was like to see a baby’s birth and pondered the miracle and mysteries of life. I often wondered how circumstances bring a man and woman together and how they are united as one to bring a life into the world. It truly is a gift from God. So here we are in a small room where we are greeted by my wife’s doctor and the medical team and nursing staff. They were all so professional and put us at ease. I could sense my wife was having pain and was thirsty but she could only have ice chips. I was so proud of Maria and loved that she was giving birth to our son. We arrived at the hospital on Monday, December 7th, 1998 at around 6:30 pm and I could see that I might need to step outside at times as my wife was experiencing quite a bit of pain. We were not really sure of what to expect but we were eagerly anticipating our son and wishing for everything to be fine. All I remember was there were times in the room where it was just my wife and I and other times a nurse would come in to check her vital signs and monitor our soon to be born son. There was a tv monitor to watch during the wait. At times I remained quiet with my wife because I did not know exactly what to say and because I felt a bit in awe of the situation. I also sometimes wondered if I was the one giving birth how it would feel. She was so brave and strong for nine months and now all that waiting has come to this moment. I don’t believe I could do it myself. I gained such respect for my wife and for all women who have given birth. It has to be the most amazing experience a woman can have once she gets through the pain! I sensed my wife was in discomfort as she asked for something to take away the pain. I called for the nurse and indicated that my wife was indicating she could not take the pain anymore. She told us to wait as she would ask about an epidural. My wife was in labor through the night as it was now 2:00 am and still we were waiting. I was a bit nervous as I could only stay by her side when she could bare the pain. Since her labor was long she did get an epidural as I watched the anesthiologist hook up the epidural infusion pump and the catheter tube. He told me that I had to step outside at this time while they administered the catheter tube. I never realized how difficult childbirth could be and I felt for my wife and I knew she was strong and knew she and our baby would be fine. I was still a wreck though she was the one going through the pain and hopefully joy real soon. I too was looking forward to feeling joy. After about an hour or so the doctor summoned for me to be by my wife’s side. I was praying silently that everything would be ok and that my wife would hopefully be cradling our son soon. I was back in the small room by my wife’s side and could tell she was tired and wanted to have the baby already but we still had to be patient and just wait while all the medical staff assisted in the birth. It was surreal at times as I thought back to the time when my wife first whipered into my ear saying the incredible words “I’m pregnant!” I was so excited and floating on a cloud as I said to her “I’m going to be a dad!” It was the best moment and I was so thrilled. I urged my wife to be strong and breath like we were taught in our class. I was thinking back to all the other wonderful expecting parents in that class wondering whether they had their babies yet. I could sense my wife was really growing inpatient as she snapped at me when I was encouraging her with her breathing but I just stayed by her side and kept encouraging her. I looked at my watch and was amazed how long her labor was as it was 4:45 am and still we were waiting. I believe by the reactions of the doctors and nurses that they were now inducing my wife so I was growing anxious and had to step outside. The nurse said she would summon me when it was appropriate. So I grabbed a snack and a soda and waited while CNN played but I didn’t hear a word. All I could think of was my wife and praying. I was now again summoned to come back as I saw the team gathered around my wife and I had my robe and mask on and was able to peak as it seemed closer to the time. Within a couple of minutes a scurry of excitement as I heard my wife being encouraged to push and then I witnessed the most amazing thing in my life and then heard the little cries. Our son was born! It was a miracle! It was 5:20 am on Tuesday, December 8th 1998. My wife and I were now the parents of a beautiful little boy weighing 6 lbs 13 oz and I was so relieved. I was especially relieved for my wife, Maria. I was so proud of her.

My son’s birth, a momentous occasion!

I remember my son’s birth like it was yesterday. I was working in the city on a late fall day in early December back in 1998 and I received a call from my wife. I was anticipating a call sooner or later and I felt all the emotions you feel when you are preparing for something truly special as she told me to come home. I asked are you ok? She replied she is fine but I should come home and be careful. As I left work to catch the train all I could do was wonder and contemplate the birth of our baby boy. My wife had been given the choice to be informed of the baby’s sex during a sonogram in her second trimester and she decided she wanted to know. Since she knew and asked if I wanted to know I felt I should since she did. I was beaming with pride as she told me and we were all so happy to know things were going fine. Boy or girl my main concern was that our child is healthy and I would have been delighted whether a boy or a girl. Since I knew we were having a son the mystery was over. I was still very excited. So I’m enroute home and my mind is racing and I am praying for a smooth and quick train ride so I can pick up my wife and get to the hospital. No matter how many times you rehearse for this moment you still want to make sure everything goes smoothly. I had no problem finding a seat on the train as it was early afternoon and there were many available. I tried to sit and read but I was too excited and could only think about my wife and hoping the time of my commute would not be to long. As each stop approached I was growing more and more excited and also thinking of all the possible scenarios. As I heard Bellmore! I rushed out of my seat and headed for the door. I was near home and was rushing to get to my wife so we could embark on this very special moment. There are times in your life where things seem to be frozen in time and this clearly was one of those times. As I headed in the door and called to my wife I was nervous and so excited. She certainly was happy to see me and she was all packed and ready. She had a late lunch waiting for me and told me to eat before we left. She called her doctor as I was quickly eating and we were ready to go. She was quite strong and couragious as she was a real trooper throughout her pregnancy. She is a petite woman and she carried somewhat big and she was happy to be nearing the time she has always dreamed of as a young girl of giving birth. I believe most girls fantasize about the time they have a little baby. We were enroute to the hospital and I made sure she was comfortable and that I was driving at a safe speed. We talked as we drove and I was making a mental snapshot of this moment in my mind and just feeling like we were truly blessed. It was now time to get my wife to emergency and park my car. I ran to admissions to sign in while my wife was being prepped. I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was a young man and just hoping everything would go right. I remembered all the breathing techniques to share with my wife from our Lemarz class. All I could think of was that my wife is comfortable and that our son be healthy!

Hi, my name is Emily and I am a male to female trangender with an autistic son and am married

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Hi, my name is Emily and I am a male to female trangender with an autistic son and am married

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