Emily shares her life story and current matters

Emily is a male to female transgender speaking from her heart about her son, her family, her breakdown and her transgender issues which she struggled with since the age of 4. Emily love her family and is an advocate for Autism (her son and Families affected by having an autistic child); Transgender (herself and for the community ravaged by suicide and tragedy); Depression (as she lost her mom at 49 years old, her dad who struggled with it and she and her son suffer also from it and for all families affected by it); Suicide (she lost her dad tragically to suicide as he jumped into the path of an oncoming LIRR rush hour train on April 16, 2009.) Life is not always as we wished it to be. I knew I was a “girl” since age 4. My mom died at age 49, My dad committed suicide, My son is autistic, and I attempted suicide in the wake of job loss, imminent foreclosure, abandonment of family, relatives and friends because I am doing what I had to do which is to transition from male to female, I am unable to work as I am suicidal, severely depressed, worried about my son, losing our house and succumbing to all my hardships, suicide, transgender and foreclosure. I need to protect my family and if my suicide will save them due to my life insurance so they won’t be homeless than that is what I have to do. The real tragedy is I am so happy now becoming Emily but am vulnerable to suicide because of all our recent hardships. I would be another sad statistic for my family, my son and the transgender community. Emily

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