Autism and childhood innocence

Childhood is a precious time in our lives for most of us when we are young and it is a time when we look up to our parents for everything. We feel safe and protected and we feel a bond naturally with our parents that we wish to last forever. As we grow we start to experience many things and we start to become more independent in ways but not completely as we rely on the support of our parents for quite some time. As we grow into adulthood and take on the many challenges that come our way we try to adapt and apply the knowledge and skills we obtained through the years. One of the biggest milestones we as young adults seek is to graduate high school and start our pursuit of a college education which is a major undertaking.

We try to hold on to our childhood for as long as we can because that is such a wonderful and innocent time for most of us. It can be a difficult time also for some. There are situations where some kids are suddenly thrust into responsibility for various reasons at a young age. It is not always a happy time for those kids growing up so if we were blessed to have a happy childhood we should consider ourselves very fortunate.

Sometimes as we become young adults we think back to the days when we were young kids and we look upon those days with fondness and appreciation and we always remember them and our parents no matter how many years go by if our childhood was a happy one.

If we are lucky enough to marry and have children we get to experience childhood through our children’s eyes and that is very special. I have been so blessed to have wonderful parents, sisters and now a wife and son. To me family means everything and it helps define us and gives us meaning in our life. Having a son is my most proudest moment and it is a very rewarding and happy time. I cherish the times I have with my son and it seems the years just fly by. I remember when my son was just an infant and I held him in my arms to give my wife a break and I was in awe how tiny he was and how beautiful he was. I remember his tiny fingers and his loud crying. It was a truly wonderful time that I can picture in my mind and see through photographs. As my son is growing and now moving forward in his schooling it is apparent that he is becoming a young boy approaching his teen years. It is nice to see that my son has such a great disposition and shows empathy towards others. He is a kid with a big heart and he has such a nice way about him. He has his moments with coping with epilepsy and autism. I feel that since he is autistic he certainly has some special qualities and a sweet innocence. I think that most autistic children do have a special innocence because most do experience many quiet and isolated moments growing up.

As we grow a part of us seems to resist it and we wish we could experience childhood forever. I always want to provide my son with quality time and many happy moments and memories and a strong support system. I want my son to always smile and feel happy and learn confidence and always strive to do well in all he tries. I want him to know that he is a special kid and that he can do anything he sets his mind to. These words were always spoken to me by my mom and dad and my wife and I also speak them to our son because he makes us both very proud and very happy.

We cherish these times and we seek to always have that wonderful bond that parents and children have in their life and it is only natural to look forward to the special occasions that ly ahead in our son’s future. We take one day at a time and we let our son grow at his own pace and we know he needs extra services because of his special needs but we always let him know that he is very capable and has such promise and potential and he should never forget that.

The best part of life are those special moments we have as children learning from our parents and as adults teaching and nurturing our children. I know growing up has it moments and lots of new feelings and many questions. I always tell my son that childhood is a wonderful time and we should hold on to it for as long as we can. It is a wonderful quality to maintain that youthful innocence in our life and I appreciate my son’s ability to be empathetic and kind. He is our pride and joy and I learn so much from my son and am much better for it.

This is dedicated to my son who inspires me every day. Love you!

Edward D. Iannielli III

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