Life Lessons: Achievement and setting goals and standards

Did you ever wonder what life would be like if there was no competition or no need to prove yourself? If we all were equal and we did not have to worry or strive to succeed and everyone was treated the same then I believe that kind of life would be very boring and provide no challenges. We all have to learn that to succeed we have to set goals for ourselves and work towards achieving them. Some of our goals can be small and we can accomplish them fairly simply and they can also be very difficult and require complete dedication and a great deal of time. If we set a goal that we will save our money to buy a favorite dvd that is a fairly simple goal and the feeling of accomplishment may last a short time. However if we wish to save to buy a new car that will be more involved and require a lot more time to accomplish and the rewarding feeling of driving a new car will certainly last longer but after the first year our feelings will certainly change.

I learned as a kid that we should set goals that are within our reach and we should have complete faith and confidence in our abilities and set forth our best effort. We have to learn along the way and be strict with ourselves and always be conscious of our effort and our progress. No one can give us the drive we need. They can coach us to work to achieve but the drive and ambition has to come from within. We have to really want something to make it happen. I truly believe that if you really want something and you will do whatever it takes to accomplish it then I believe you will achieve the desired results. It may not happen as quickly as you wish but if you persevere then you’re surely to achieve it.

Every day should be a learning opportunity and we should always look upon it as a chance to learn something new about ourselves and an opportunity to make a new friend. We should always have a desire to improve ourselves and to develop new skills that will help us as we grow and take on more challenges. We also have to remember how important it is to have patience in our life. We have to realize that we can not take on the world all at once. We have to take small steps and as we make progress then we work towards larger more involved goals. We also have to enjoy what we are working towards accomplishing.

There are many children who want to win a gold medal in ice skating at the Olympics but there are only a very few that do. The main reason only a few can accomplish such a noble goal is because the time, effort, and skills necessary to achieve such a great moment are not suitable to all. The one who is truly committed and will make the many sacrifices and will fore go a lot of the so called “normal activities” that most of us experience may just have a shot at it. They will be the ones up at 4:00 am to get ice time skating for 4 hours before they start their school day. They will also be the ones on the ice at 4:00 pm after their school day for another 4 hours and then they will complete their homework in between breaks and at home. It is a very difficult schedule to maintain and most lose heart but the ones who stick to it are more likely to achieve their goal.

Even for these highly motivated individuals there is no guarantee they will win the gold or for that matter a medal at all and that just is part of the process that they grow to understand. They understand that disappointment is always a possibility but if they know in their heart that they truly worked hard and tried their best then they have nothing to be upset about. The one’s who train very hard though do show their emotion because of all their efforts. To know you achieved your best and on such a stage is the most remarkable feeling you could ever experience. The one who falls short will encounter disappointment but they should never get discouraged and should continue to stay motivated so they will be able to rebound and work towards accomplishing their goal.

I have always worked on achieving my goals both personally, academically and professionally. We need to always stay focused and never lose sight of what we are trying to accomplish. Now that I have a son I find myself being his cheerleader trying to instill in him a positive self image and a winning attitude. It is very important that we teach our kids that they should find things they like and work to do their best in learning and developing as a person. They should get accustomed to competition and always try their best in all they do. Most importantly they should seek to find happiness and enjoy whatever they are chasing after. They should learn they are loved and they should never lose heart or sight of what they are trying to accomplish. The rewards of trying your best and having the chance to accomplish what you intended will always be the rainbow we all are seeking in the end. We just have to know that we all can accomplish great things and I tell my son this every day in addition to how much I love him and his mommy. I am very proud of my son and will help him in every way I can so he can have a life full of promise and joy which is my best wish for him in his life.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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