Halloween and dressing for the occasion!

I was so happy to find a nice costume for my son this year that was original and something he likes. For the past few years he has dressed as Sponge Bob, his favorite tv show character but was getting tired of it so I knew it was time for a change. This year he is dressed as one of the pit crew members of a racing team and he looks great and he loves it! My wife is dressed in her pink Yankee team shirt and pink warm up pants and looks pretty in pink. I love seeing my son enjoy this time and we encourage him to be creative with his ideas of costumes for Halloween. We allow him to decide what he would like to be for the occasion and help him achieve his dream. If he is uncertain than I have to use some imagination or just run over to Wal Mart and find one of those costume sets which are fun and make it easier for the parents.

I enjoy just going out and spending time with Matty walking around the neighborhood and seeing all the neighborhood kids looking so cute in their costumes. The little girls are so cute dressed as princesses, fairies, Dorothy of the wizard of oz and Cinderella. I love to see their smiles and find that this age is such a wonderful time and we enjoy also giving out the candy to all the wonderful boys and girls. Matty also enjoys giving out candy to the kids and is very nice with them and also very generous. The kids are so polite and their parents while looking on with a protective eye always reminds them to say thank you.

Halloween is a great time of the year because it is the start to the holiday season which is always a fun time filled with excitement and family get togethers. I always enjoyed Halloween both as a kid and now as a parent. I love to see my son get excited and seeing his smile makes it all the more fun.

We all enjoy trick or treating and as we get older it is a bit sad when we no longer dress up in our costumes and go through the neighborhood in search of candy and good treats.  That is why when we become parents we get to relive that time and I find it more special now with my son and seeing his excitement as we go out to trick or treat. It is a nice part of our youth and provides wonderful memories and special bonding with our children.

Happy Halloween to all!

Edward D. Iannielli III

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