The magic of a photograph!

They are 2 pictures side by side and they have special meaning to me and are proudly displayed in our living room. Why you ask do these photos have special meaning? There are many reasons why and I will say the main reason is because it gives me comfort and it brings me back to a day when I was young and I had my mom and dad in my life. We are very moved by family photographs and love the magic of looking at them and remembering the days long gone and the precious youth portrayed. I am so happy to have these 2 precious pictures of my mom and dad. The picture of my mom is a portrait of a beautiful young girl posing for her high school yearbook and it is very captivating. She is 17 years old and it is a black and white picture that just presents all her beauty and innocence. At times I have a tear in my eye when I look at it because I think of how much I miss my mother and how much I needed her. The other picture is a magnificent one of my dad working on the Verrazano Bridge in the early 1960’s and it also is in black and white and it shows his youth, his courage and his dedication. I am truly amazed when I view it and I have such pride and realize how much my dad’s work meant to him. He loved working on the high iron and was a very proud iron worker. He had no fear in his work or at least he never admitted his fear. He was very proud to play a part in construction and he leaves so much of himself with all that he worked on.

As I view these pictures of my mom and dad I smile and I remember all the wonderful things my parents did and how we were so lucky. I am very proud of my parents and am so lucky to have such wonderful memories that will last me a lifetime.

Pictures are what connect us to our childhood, family celebrations, the holidays, joyous occasions, our school days, our friends and our children. I enjoy looking at our wedding photos and realizing that my wife is just as beautiful today as she was on our wedding day in her gorgeous gown. I love looking at pictures of Matthew when he was first born and how tiny and precious he was. We have so many pictures of him in his hospital bassinet with his blanket. I always enjoyed looking at pictures of Maria and myself holding Matthew for the first time. It is such an amazing feeling and is nice to have it captured in photographs.

The beauty of pictures in addition to bringing smiles to our faces is that they are fun to share with our children. I love showing my son pictures of my mom and dad when I was a young boy and also enjoy showing him pictures of me when I was a baby and a young boy and seeing his amazement knowing that I too was once his age. As I look at these precious photographs it brings a range of emotions and feelings that are personal and reflect my life as well as my family and it has a lot of meaning to me and I enjoy sharing this with my son to give him perspective.

I am saddened though because I remember having a full photo album of my parents when they were young including some of their wedding photos and lots of baby pictures of myself and my two sisters and somehow we lost them in our move and it has frustrated me and made me very upset as I lost a part of me that I can not replace and that is sometimes hard to deal with.

It is very important to capture the meaningful moments in our lives and photographs are the means to capturing and reliving those special times and remembering all of those who meant so much in our lives.

I always enjoyed looking back at my grade school pictures and seeing all my classmates lined up and all the cute girls. It jogs the memory and is very nostalgic looking back and remembering those times and the crushes I had on some of the cute girls in my classes. It scares me when I think back to my school days and realize I started school over 40 years ago! I sometimes wonder how the years flew by so fast.

We always make it a point to take current family pictures and pictures of our son so he will have the memories to share when he becomes a young man and one day wishes to show a girl who he likes pictures of him when he was a baby and of him growing through the years.

Life is a photograph and a photograph is life!

Edward D. Iannielli III

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