Your inner child.

I have experienced great joy in my life as a child with a wonderful upbringing and a loving family. My parents are my inspiration and my source of strength. My sisters are my siblings and my best friends. We have a bond with each other that is strong and will last through our lifetime as we are very close and very respectful and loving of each other. We will always love our parents and always be grateful to them for giving us life and giving us love and an inner strength that comes from their struggles and the love in their heart. I always enjoy thinking of my childhood and remembering all the wonderful times we had together as a family. Now that our parents are gone it has made me do a lot of soul searching, a lot of crying, a lot of introspection, a lot of writing and a lot of thinking.

I am a father and a husband and I have the interests of my family as my uppermost priority. I am living my life with love, dedication, devotion, courage and joy. I find as we age we start to prepare for our future and the future for our children. We need to have realistic planning and goals set to adequately meet our desired results. As I see my son grow and his needs become more evident I know it is our responsibility to provide him with security, emotional support, love, guidance and an inner strength that will be his moral compass in his life.

As I have grown I have learned that we are destined to experience many ups and downs in our life and we must be strong in our mindset to get through the difficult times. We try to shield our children and protect them from these times and sometimes we don’t always know the best way to answer their questions or comfort them when they are hurting because we all go through the same range of emotions and we all are different in how we reconcile them within ourselves.

I have always felt the same as I aged and though I am considered middle age I still have the same feelings and emotions I had as a young boy and feel like I am still that little boy. My inner child is part of me and influences how I approach life, make decisions, talk to my wife, guide my son, relate to others and handle life’s challenges. I feel a deep connection to my emotions and feelings and realize I am sensitive and have compassion and love in my heart. I feel a strength and a purpose and I am also very respectful and honest with people. I try to live my life with vision, kindness, dedication, honesty, spirituality, love, devotion and wisdom. I feel we are on a journey and we are here to do all we are supposed to and when we do so then we are called away as we have concluded our mission here and we have guided our loved ones and gave our children our best. It is this truth that we struggle with. We live life with uncertainty and worry because we just don’t know but we live with the plan that we will be here to celebrate another day with our loved ones.

In dealing with the challenges we have defense mechanisms that we call upon to help us. We may not always handle a particular situation with the best of choices but this is how we learn and mature. There sometimes are no right or wrong answers. We sometimes are guided by emotion and when we deal with sadness it is a learning process and we have to confront all the emotions we are experiencing, the doubts we encounter, the guilt we are feeling and the fear we have. To find the courage to heal from all the pain we feel we must dig deep and summon our inner strength and choose to make difficult decisions. We must also remember that we need to be easy on ourselves and let time pass naturally so we can try our best to move on but never forget.

I believe that we all are striving to connect with our inner child and that is how we truly find strength, courage and healing. After all we all are innocent as children and full of hope and promise and we envision going back to the time when we had wide eyes full of excitement as little children and a truly happy disposition. After all we all are striving to do our best and to find happiness in our lives and give that gift of happiness to our children. We can do that when we are in touch with our inner child.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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