A life inspired.

As we experience things in our life we learn and gain perspective. We develop ideals and try to look at our surroundings and our place in life and at times try to look beyond ourselves and our needs to envision what life is like for those who are starving, without shelter and suffering. Unfortunately in the world we live in there is a lot of pain and misery and so much poverty and sadness. I sometimes feel guilty that I get caught up in my life and our needs as a family. I do admit life does seem a bit selfish because we all seek self preservation and must survive and do what we have to in life to provide for our families and loved ones. I always remember my mom would say very wisely that charity does begin at home and she was absolutely right. I always consider the needs of myself and my family first as that is what we learn is most important. I also know we should try as best we can to help others in need as well. It only takes a simple act of kindness whether it be giving an extra amount beyond what you normally give in a church offering or buying food during the holidays and throughout the year beyond your shopping needs and packing it nicely and bringing it to the local food pantry to help feed a needy family.

I learned a lot from the hard work and dedication of my parents and how they always put our needs first. My parents both worked hard to provide for my sisters and I and I see the place I am in life and realize I would not be as fortunate if it wasn’t for the love and support of my parents. They taught me a lot and they gave me so much and I am a better person or try to be because of my parents. They instilled in me that we should always be appreciative for what we have, we should always be responsible, we should always consider the needs of ourselves and our family first, we should strive to be the best we can, we should always respect who we work for and put forth our best effort and finally we should lead a morally principled life and consider helping others in practical ways.

I also learned a lot from my dad and my mom in how we should view our work responsibilities and take pride in what we do. I take my work responsibilities very seriously because I was educated with the help of my parents through their hard work and dedication and their selflessness. I am very dedicated to my work responsibilities also because I enjoy what I do, like to be challenged, enjoy the rapport with my employer, staff and clients and because it is necessary for me to work so I can provide for my family and see that my son is well taken care of. I live to be there for my son and my son gives me true inspiration.

It is because of my son, who has so many challenges and so much love in his heart that I live my life everyday with love in my heart for him and my family and I am truly inspired because of him. It is for him that I put forth my best effort in everything I do. I love my son and would do anything to help him and give him the support and encouragement he needs in his life. I am so grateful for my son and for my wife who gave birth to him and made my life so much more richer and meaningful.

I also am connected to my dad in many ways and am always reminded of him through all the great things he did as an iron worker and I learned a lot about courage, dedication, hard work and I am inspired everyday by him and his memory. I also am inspired by my mom and the love she gave us and for the strength and courage she had in her life.

To me it is very important to have a purpose and to be driven and by having a clear focus and through our personal needs I am mindful of what is important and what we live for. It is for many reasons that I live my life to do my best and to strive to be a wonderful husband, father, provider and a person who truly cares for his family and others. I know from personal experiences what I have to do to make my life whole so I can focus on my family and others and live an inspired life. To me focusing on my son and helping him with his many challenges is my life’s mission and my most important priority. I am inspired by the love I have for my son and it is the love I have for my wife and our family that grounds me and makes me very responsible.

Dedicated to my son with love and to my wife who I admire and am so grateful for and will love today, tomorrow and forever!

Edward D. Iannielli III

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