Making a difference!

We all wish we could lead a life of meaning and purpose where we can truly make a difference in our life and the lives of others. If we could touch one life in a good way we would have made a difference and our life would have certainly meant something. In life we are busy searching and finding out who we are and trying through our experiences to make a life for our self and hoping to find someone to share our hopes and dreams with. I feel we are given challenges in our life because that is how we learn and develop and grow as a person. In my 20s and early to mid 30s I felt like I was doing the right things with good intentions but felt I could be doing more. I was still single and basically living for myself and really did not have all the responsibilities that I was seeking and hoping for. Sure I was responsible in my career choice and for my employers and the clients I served but I felt my life was missing something. I remember on my weekends I would hang with some close friends and go to movies. This was fun for a while but as I saw my friends marrying and having families I realized I wanted to meet a nice girl and marry too. It was my dream to marry and be a father.

I feel we all are seeking to be accepted and to find meaningful friendships that help us learn and develop as we learn from others and hopefully influence others in a good way. When I did meet and marry Maria I felt my life was moving forward and I felt happy and saw so much things I wanted to experience with her. We were planning to have a child almost immediately as I was soon approaching 40 and did not want to miss out on fatherhood. When we were given the precious gift of life with our son I had changed in so many ways and in the best possible ways as I was so proud to be Matthew’s father and felt life was so much more meaningful and joyous. I was touched by our son’s birth in a way that was very profound and made me very grateful. My life for so long was a constant yearning to have a child to care for and nurture and raise to be a wonderful person. My son teaches me every day and I am so lucky to be given such a wonderful opportunity.

In raising a family we have to make sure we are providing for our children and giving them all the necessary love, support and guidance they need so they can learn and grow and experience the joys of life. Matthew has opened up my eyes and my mind and has given me the precious gift of unconditional love that gives me strength and courage and so much joy and happiness. I am a family man, a teacher, a student, a husband, an employee, a provider, a son, a friend, a brother, an adult, an uncle, a kid and most of all I am Matthew’s dad!

As I say that I am so delighted and I am also very serious about this responsibility as I want to do the very best I can to help Matthew overcome his struggles and to help teach him how to find his way and to enjoy his place in the world and to do all he wishes and to make friends and achieve great things and most of all to make a difference in a good way. Matthew is truly beautiful and he has made a big difference in my life and has touched Maria and I and makes our world a far better place to live and that is very special.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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