A child’s imagination.

It is a wonderful gift to have vision and to dream. We all have it within us to imagine great things and to learn to share our thoughts, ideas, visions, dreams and imaginations with others. As children we also have full and vivid imaginations as this is how we expand our world from what we know. Since we are completely dependent on our parents it is our imagination that brings us to new places and we can be anyone we wish in our imagined world. Kids should always be encouraged to imagine and share their thoughts and ideas with their parents, siblings and teachers.

Children love to play make believe and create a whole new life for themselves where for the girls they can be a mommy, a princess, a nurse, a teacher, a musician, a doctor, an engineer, a fashion designer, a business woman, a lawyer or an architect. The boys also like to play make believe and they can also have visions of being a police man, a fireman, a daddy, a doctor, an engineer, an architect, a musician, a baseball player, or even a girl wearing dresses and makeup.

It is normal for kids to fantasize and imagine and we as adults should encourage them to as this helps them develop and grow. This is also a way for them to communicate and teach us how they feel and think of themselves. We should never take their feelings for granted or ignore them. We should always listen to them and accept them and encourage them as they grow and learn about themselves and their world.

Children have an innocence that is precious and we as parents try to protect and preserve that innocence for as long as we can as it is special to have a young child and sometimes we resist their growth but know it is inevitable and that one day they will be their own person with their own feelings and their own ideas and their own responsibilities. We have our responsibility to them to provide for them and to teach them morals and to be self reliant one day.

Our son is becoming his own person and we love him and talk to him every day and we always let him know that we are always there for him and we will always be there for him and want him to know that so he can talk to us about anything he needs to. We want him to have dreams and to have a vivid imagination and to be happy and to enjoy his life. He is a very special kid to us and we are so lucky to have him in our life as he teaches us everyday and brings us great joy. It is our son who makes our lives so much richer and gives us meaning and purpose in our lives.

We encourage our son to dream and to imagine and to be his absolute best in whatever he wishes to do in life. We explain to him that God gave him the talent and the strength to accomplish great things and he can if he sets his mind to it. Even if he has some struggles he will learn to grow from them and acquire an internal strength that will give him insight and courage. He should never limit himself and he should always know that he has so much to offer and that he is very special and should imagine and dream and live a life that has meaning and purpose and hold on to all the good values and strive to share his talents with others as he will be able to do great things and find rewarding friendships and live a life full of joy, happiness and meaning.

Our son is very special to us and we will always encourage him to imagine and to share his thoughts and ideas and to grow and find joy and happiness in his life.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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