We remember through song!

I can always remember things in my life and I find that a song usually is one of the connections to the memory. It seems that songs I like click with me and I associate the song with a particular time or happening in my life and it helps me relive that time once again. It’s like magic and it makes me feel happy. I distinctly remember the music I listened to as a kid which brings me back to Brooklyn and reminds me of my childhood. One song that I remember my mom would sing to me as a young child maybe 3 or 4 years old was the Peter, Paul and Mary song Puff the Magic Dragon which was such a wonderful song and when I hear it today it brings me back to that time and I remember my mother’s beautiful face and voice and her beautiful style and elegance with her clothes. It makes me tear up now because it makes me realize how much I miss my mother and miss that precious time in my life.

When I was in little league and my father would take me to my baseball games I remember the songs playing on the car radio which brings me back to that wonderful time. Some of the songs I remember from that time which was from 1969 to 1972 were Sugar, Sugar by the Archie’s; Band of Gold by Freda Payne; Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel; Hooked on a Feeling by BJ Thomas; Ooh Child by the Five Stair steps and I’ll be there by The Jackson Five. These were some of the songs I enjoyed among many others and when I hear them today they remind me of those times I would be riding with my dad in his car and going to my games. I loved those days and always enjoyed those times with my dad. They were precious times and when I hear those songs they bring a smile to my face as I remember my dad and how great he was. I do miss him and mom very much and I can remember them both through the music from the times when I was a kid which is special. I remember my mom was a big fan of Elvis and she would love to play his albums on our Victrola.

Yes it’s true that music does bring me back to my childhood and it is very special to listen to those songs today as the flood of memories come back to me and make me feel like a kid again and bring back visions of my mom and dad when they were so young and beautiful. I love them both so very much and will always hold on to these wonderful memories of them and of my childhood.

A group that had so many hits and I enjoyed listening to and remember seeing as a small boy on the Ed Sullivan show with my parents and my baby sister were the Beatles. I remember as a kid watching the Ed Sullivan show, the Sonny and Cher show, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh in, Hee Haw and the Lawrence Welk show. We were a tight knit family and I remember we watched family oriented shows with music and comedy as a central theme.

I even remember watching the Brady Bunch, the Partridge family and the Monkees as a young kid too and they also featured singing in their shows as well. I still enjoy watching episodes of the Brady Bunch today with my son and I tell him I used to watch their shows when I was younger than he is now. It’s hard to imagine but it is nice to watch them and remember watching those shows with my sisters and parents when I was a lot younger. Another show I enjoyed as a kid was Love American Style which I enjoyed watching with my mom and my sisters. Dad would usually be in bed as he had to be up at 4:00 am to go to work every day.

An all time favorite song of mine was Jeremiah was a Bullfrog by Three Dog Night which was released in the early 1970s and I could never get enough of that song. I could listen to that song over and over again. In fact it is a favorite of my son’s as well as he also loves the lyrics and the sound and he enjoys other songs from Three dog night.

Another artist I enjoyed listening to as a kid and an adult was John Denver and he had some beautiful songs that are just wonderful to listen to. My favorites of his are County roads, Annie’s song, Leaving on a jet plane, Rocky Mountain High and Thank God I’m a country Boy. I was so sad when I learned of John’s premature death in the airplane accident. He is one of my favorites and I find his music very touching.

Another artist that had a big influence in my life was Sir Elton John who’s music is simply amazing and fun to listen to. I always enjoy hearing his songs like Philadelphia Freedom, Don’t go breaking my heart, The tribute songs to Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon and Princess Diana. He is a truly talented artist and I could listen to his music all day.

Queen was another band that made music that influenced my taste in music as well as the Cars. I remember buying all the cds released for the cars as I just went crazy for their music. My Best Friends Girl, Touch and Go, Drive were a few of my favorites.

I was a big fan of Paul McCartney and Wings and John Lenon as a solo artist. I was also very saddened when I learned of John’s death. He was such a talented performer and both John and Paul were such driving forces in the music scene with their fellow band mates George and Ringo. The Beatles are to this day amazing and their music will live on forever. I am also a big fan of Michael Jackson and his music as a solo performer and as a member of his brothers’ band the Jackson Five. I was also shocked when I learned of Michael’s premature death and felt very sad.

Another music artist I enjoyed listening to was Harry Chapin who had such wonderful music that was gripping and emotional and I remember hearing that he was heading to Eisenhower Park to perform a concert when he was involved in a fatal car accident. They have a theatre dedicated to him there in his honor.

A song that was one of the longest songs I heard and is an absolute favorite of mine is Bye Bye Miss American Pie written and recorded by Don Mc Clean and it is such a powerful song and hits me as it tells the story of how we lost the talents of Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper in a fateful winter plane crash after they performed at a concert in the Midwest. It was such a tragic loss and the song is such an amazing portrayal and so fun to listen to. Don Mc Clean had other songs that I enjoy such as Vincent, Crying, And I love you so and Castles in the air.

Another artist I always enjoyed listening to is Neil Diamond and one of my favorites of his is Sweet Caroline. He has so many songs I love to listen to. I also love the music of the English band the Hollies and their classic song He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother.

It is music that makes us feel good and brings us back and helps us reconnect to our past. When Maria gave birth to Matthew it was around Christmastime and I was listening to my cd from Transiberian Orchestra and I always enjoy listening to Christmas Eve in Sarajevo because that song reminds me of his birth which is and will always be the happiest day in my life.

The song I remember from Maria and my wedding is Shania Twain’s hit From this Moment On which was our wedding song and to this day when I hear that song it reminds me of my beautiful wife Maria and our precious son Matthew. Oh! The beauty of life and music!

Edward D. Iannielli III

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