Our son is so perfect!

As Maria and I look at our son sleeping in his bassinet I turn to her and tell her “I love you and our little Matthew so much and I kiss her on the cheek and say “thank you!” I try to think back to when I was a baby but can only vaugely remember when I was 4 or 5 years old. It is sometimes hard to believe that we all start out as little babies. I study my son from head to toe and just feel this incredible feeling of joy and amazement at how perfect he is with all his tiny little features and my wife says this is the best day of our lives and I am in total agreement. We look on at our son and all the other babies and we smile and feel that special feeling that new parents feel and we gesture a kiss to our son and mouth the words “we love you” and we walk back to the room eagerly awaiting family and friends to introduce our little Matthew. The first family members to come to visit at the hospital are Maria’s mother, Teresita, her sister Fe and her family. Fe’s daughter is so excited to see Matthew as she’s a baby herself of 2 years. Maria was so excited to see her mom and they embraced and were so happy. I gave her a hug and said congratulations on being a grandma! Maria escorted her mom, sister and niece over to see baby Matthew as I talked with Ken, Fe’s husband and related the experience of being in the delivery room and witnessing the birth of my son and being totally amazed and so very proud of Maria. As I’m talking I feel this tap on my shoulder and turn around and it’s my sister Kathy and my Dad! I was so delighted to see them and I tell them how beautiful Matthew is and how great it is being a dad! I kiss my sister and shake my dad’s hand and say “you’re a grandpa again!” We walk over to see him and we gather with Maria and her family and congratulate one another and then I introduce my sister and dad to my little boy. I can not get enough of him! It was a great day! The message comes over the speaker that visiting hours are now over so I prepare to say goodnight to all our family guests and peak at my son one more time before I prepare to leave. I can stay as long as I wish but I feel so tired as I need some sleep so I can prepare to come back tomorrow to meet with my wife and Matthew’s pediatrician in the morning. I give my wife a kiss goodnight and tell her I love her and baby Matthew and I’ll be back early. As I leave I wave good bye to Maria and thank the nurses and head for home for a good night sleep and think of my son as we celebrate our first day with him. What a day! Truly special!

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