Back to visit my wife and newborn son!

The day seemed to be continuous as Monday led into Tuesday and I was filled with such anticipation, excitement, anxiety and sleep deprivation all coming together to a truly miraculous moment and when our baby boy was born it was a defining time in our life! After a much needed nap I was awake, feeling great and so eager to get back to the hospital to visit with my wife and son. When my wife and I were deciding on names when we learned we were having a boy I was hoping we would name our son Eddie IV but my wife said although she liked the name she would prefer another name and we could use Edward in his middle name. So we both decided on the name Matthew which was the name of my Dad’s grandfather on his father’s side and agreed that Edward be his middle name. I was talking to my Dad about how excited I was and could not believe how incredible it is witnessing the birth of your child. My dad told me back when I was born and my sisters he had to patiently wait in the waiting room and they never knew the sex until the baby was born. He remembers pacing back and forth in the hallway when mom was expecting and when the nurse came to greet him he heard her say “It’s a boy, would you like to see him?” He said he was so proud when I was born, just like me when Matthew was born! I told my Dad I would call him when I get to the hospital to let him know the visiting hours and I left to be with my family. As I got in my car and drove back my Transiberian Orchestra CD was blaring as I left it in to play and it felt great listening to the music and feeling such joy as I was thinking of Maria and Matthew. The flood of emotion I felt was so incredible and I now thought more and more about my safety more than ever as I had a wife and little baby depending on me. It felt like deja vu as I parked my car and started the walk to the maternity ward. I told the receptionist I just became a dad and I was back to see my wife and son and gave her my wife’s name and she smiled and said congratulations and told me the room number. I peered in to my wife’s room as it was around 3:00 pm and saw my wife looking tired but very happy and I asked her how she was feeling and how Matthew was doing. She said she held him for a little while and enjoyed the bonding time and felt so amazed by how precious and tiny he is. I asked her where he was and she said to wait so she could put on her slippers and we would see him in his bassinet. When we walked over to where the babies were we looked at them and said how cute they are and we met other new and proud parents! Then I saw our son with his name Matthew Iannielli and I was so happy and relieved that he looked so perfect! He had his hands protected with baby mittens and he had a cute beanie hat on and he looked so peaceful and was resting comfortably. I was in my glory and just started to tear up as I felt truly blessed by his birth. I told Maria I would call my dad to let him know when to visit and to tell my sisters. I asked her if she spoke to her sister yet and her mom and she said she called them earlier and they were planning to be up later in the day as her sister was working. When I spoke with my Dad I told him how perfect our son looks and told him when he could visit and asked him to tell Kathy and Joannie also. I told him I can’t wait for him to see his new grandson and he said he was so happy and delighted to hear that mother and son were doing well. I told him I love him and said thank you and that I would be here for most of the day and would wait for him.

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