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Sometimes we just need a little encouragement and emotional support! Somebody to listen to us and help when we are feeling down. Life can be very stressful and on occasion we may find we will get down and need a good pick me up! Life can be challenging at times and test our very limits! We sometimes have to take a break and just find something we like to do that makes us happy! We can find that simple things can lift our spirits and make us feel better. Talking to a good friend is always helpful and makes us realize we are not alone! Friendships are important and they help us to appreciate that we are liked and supported. Sometimes we just want to be left alone and other times we need a good friend to hang out with. If we have no one to share our feelings with then we can get very depressed and frustrated. There are simple things we can do to help us get through some really tough times like listening to our favorite song or watching a good movie. We all need to find a reason for laughing and being happy! It’s much nicer to laugh then cry! When I was young I loved to watch cartoons like the Flintstones and the Jetsons. I also enjoyed sneaking into my sisters closet and wearIng some of her pretty dresses! I always felt good wearing a dress! My whole view of life changed when I would dress as a girl. Now my life is complicated but I enjoy times with my son and living my life as a woman! I always felt like a woman and now I am and it’s ok!! Emily 


Emily Iannielli, Born to be a girl!


My family
My family

Emily Iannielli, Born to be a girl!

Emily was born a boy but knew deep down she was meant to be a “girl” since age 4. She has endured many family tragedy and has accomplished her studies in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech and followed that up with an Accounting degree at Hofstra University and worked in Engineering field and as a CPA. Emily has been very depressed and suicidal and is on medical disability and long term disability and is focusing now on advocating for her son as his “dad” and is transition from male to female and living 24/7 as a girl. She is only doing what she knew she had to do since age of 4 but is still in love with wife and son and is trying her best to help her son who is 15 and in the hospital going on 5 weeks for depression, suicide ideation and autistic rage. I am my son’s biggest supporter along with his mother, my wife and we stand together in unity to help our son get back on the right track. The hardest and emotionsl time will come in June 2014 when we take him from Long Island where we live to Hillside, a residential school which Matty will attend and live as this is our “Hail Mary Pass” and we have the full support of our son’s school district who is responsible for the placement because to date nothing else suggested and implemented has been successful. We are hoping this is the miracle for our son, Matty a wonderful kid with a great big heart but has emotional and behavioral difficulties.   Love, Mom and Dad

Dad, Edward D. Iannielli III (aka Emily Iannielli)

Hi, my name is Emily and I am a male to female trangender with an autistic son and am married

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Hi, my name is Emily and I am a male to female trangender with an autistic son and am married

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